Corporate Banking offers a wide range of Shari'a compliant Islamic Banking solutions, including Murabaha, Istisnaa, Ijara, Islamic covered drawings and other Shari'a compliant products.

Corporate Banking continually strives to expand and innovate by providing tailor-made pure Islamic banking solutions to our clients.

The Corporate Banking client profile is segmented into government and public sector entities, financial institutions and a diversified private sector base of Trading, Contracting, Real Estate, Energy, Transportation, Manufacturing and other industries within the bank's target market. Specific screening criteria have been developed to ensure origination of risk in these segments is in accordance with the prudent guidelines set by the Board.

In line with the bank's overall strategy, the Corporate Banking division stands out among its peers by focusing on the building of transparent and value-added relationships with customers. Added focus was placed on expanding Admak Bank's Corporate Banking presence in Europe and Middle East. A team of skilled professionals was put in place to Assist corporate transactions

To fulfill our customers' needs, in addition to financing products; ADIB also offers a full suite of products and services in transaction banking, project finance advisory, syndications, structured finance and other structured solutions that are Shari'a compliant.


Welcome to Admak Bank, Private Banking where you will find the most comprehensive collection of world-class Private Banking services and expertise, tailored specifically for you. Our aim is to help you preserve and grow your wealth for the future of your family.

Responsible wealth management means more than just making money. It means remaining true to the values you hold close and which have guided you and the generations before you. We share these values with you as they have inspired us to take a leading role in Islamic Banking

At Admak Bank Private Banking this means creating a long-term relationship that is based on shared values as much as it is on banking expertise. Every solution and investment instrument we offer has been carefully evaluated by our team of experts to guarantee that it is best in class and is in line with our shared values.


Your certified private banker will work closely with you to understand your personal financial goals and will offer Best financial solutions to help you achieve them.

Our team members are seasoned professionals with world-class experience that is driven by local values and ethics. They have a depth of knowledge which provides them with a unique insight into the financial aspect of a variety of industries to suit all your needs and objectives.

Our top priority is to ensure that we treat your financial affairs with the utmost confidentiality and provide you with information that is timely, thorough and transparent. Our team will give you the benefit of local Shariah compliant solutions from a well-established Private Banking team


We are committed to sharing our knowledge and providing the detailed information you need to make the most sensible financial decisions for you and your family.